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How to Wear a Fabric Face Mask Safely

At this point you've probably made a great habit of remembering your face mask before you leave home. Didn't we all at first walk at our front doors before realizing we forgot it. Most of us Robert Choi's San Mateo dental office are getting better at it too, in addition to all the extra precautions we are taking to make your dental visits are safer and more comfortable. Wearing a face mask is a simple but effective way to protect yourself and our community but there are important steps to take to ensure you're wearing it safely.

The World Health Organization recommends the following Do's and Dont's of wearing a fabric mask. Remember, wearing a mask is not a substitution for staying 6ft from other people, avoiding touching your face and eyes or washing your hands regularly. By combining all these precautions you can better protect yourself, your loved ones and our community.


Clean your hands before touching your mask

Inspect the mask for damage or if dirty

Adjust the mask to your face without leaving gaps on the sides

Cover your mouth nose and chin

Avoid touching the mask

Clean your hands before removing the mask

Remove the mask by the straps behind the ears or head

Pull the mask away from your face

Store the mask in a clean plastic reusable bag

Clean your hands after removing the mask

Wash the mask in soap or detergent preferably every day


Do not wear the mask under your nose

Do not wear a mask that is damaged or dirty

Do not wear your mask loosely

Do not remove your mask when there are people within 6ft

Do not use a mask that is hard to breath in

Do not share your mask with others

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