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Deep Sedation

Provided by Dr. Alex Targ, In-House Specialist
For patients who require a more effective means of achieving calm and relaxation than nitrous oxide or oral sedation, we offer deep sedation. Our in-house deep sedation specialist, Dr. Targ can provide you a deeper level of comfort with faster recovery.


Convenience of Deep Sedation

  • Only one visit will be needed.

  • Induction technique does not involve an injection or drink, just a few breaths of a gas.

  • No pre-procedure trip to the pediatrician to get clearance is needed since Dr. Targ does a completeevaluation by telephone and on the day of the procedure.

  • Faster recovery than oral sedation.

Affordability of Deep Sedation

  • Dr. Targ's fees are among the most affordable in the Bay Area and may be covered by your medical insurance.

  • Local hospitals charge patients a facility fee (often $8,000/hour) for dental sedation in their operating rooms

  • You will avoid needing to pay the dentist to repeatedly  nitrous oxide and/or oral sedation that are not usually covered by dental insurance.


Efficiency of Deep Sedation

  • Completing the dental work will be faster and more effectively accomplished.

  • The dentist will be able to take X-rays (without which he or she would only be guessing at the extent of the decay).

  • By avoiding the creation of traumatic, permanent, scary memories about the dental visit, anxiety associated with future visits for x-rays and preventive dental treatments will be minimized.

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