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Portrait of San Mateo Dentist Orthodontist Patty Sing Choi

Orthodontic Dentistry

Dr. Patty Sing Choi San Mateo |  Orthodontist

Dr. Sing Choi is an expert in adult and pediatric orthodontist committed to enhancing the quality of life of our patients by creating beautiful smiles and well-balanced faces that exudes confidence and self worth. Dr. Choi is committed to each individual patient by providing a customized treatment plan to address their individual needs and desires.


From the beginning to the end of treatment, we hope to deliver an orthodontic experience that is professional, comfortable, caring, and fun. We will act as both educators and motivators taking our patients to the highest level of orthodontic care utilizing the latest technologies and newest treatment modalities, such as ceramic clear braces, Invisalign®, Invisalign Teen® and digital imaging.




 She is one of the most patient and kindest people I have met in my life, and she is absolutely wonderful and reassuring when you are a teen or child getting braces for the first time. 

—  Jessie W, Patient for over 5 years

We Offer Traditional Wires Braces, Ceramic Braces and Invisalign

There are various types of orthodontic braces or brackets, and they each have their individual characteristics and benefits.


Metal Braces

They are the most common. They are made of high grade stainless steel. With today's technology, metal braces are made smaller, more comfortable, and are more attractive.

Metal brackets are very strong and can withstand most types of treatment. Most traditional metal braces require an elastic o-shaped rubber band, called a ligature to hold the arch wire onto the bracket. Sometimes we use metal tie wires (little wires which are twisted around the bracket) in place of elastic ligatures.

Ceramic Clear

Ceramic braces are suitable for all types of orthodontic problems. They are made of aesthetic ceramic composite materials. They are very strong and generally do not stain. At our office, we use the popular brand Clarity made by 3M Unitek. Adults like to choose ceramic clear braces because they "blend in" with the teeth and are less noticeable than metal.


The ligatures (tiny rubber bands) that hold the arch wire on to the ceramic brackets are often white or clear. Unless you eat a lot of curry, smoke, or drink a lot of black coffee, staining isn't a problem. Note that the ligatures are changed each time you get an adjustment -- usually, monthly. It's only the ligatures that stain, not the brackets themselves!


There are no metal wires and brackets, so Invisalign is comfortable. It's removable, making eating, brushing, and flossing no problem. You can still enjoy your favorite foods.

During your consultation, our orthodontist will decide if Invisalign will work for you. It's hard to tell that you're wearing Invisalign. You will wear each aligner for about two weeks, and you will only take it out for eating, brushing, and flossing. When you replace each aligner with the next in the sequence, your teeth will gradually shift until they move into the final alignment that your orthodontist prescribed.




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