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  • Robert P. Choi, DDS

Better First Impressions with iTero Scanner

Does taking impressions make you gag? Now with the easy comfort of the iTero scanner, your treatments are much more pleasant and convenient with this latest tech we added to our San Mateo dental office. We are phasing out the traditional process of pouring alginate (gel) into a mouth tray that you hold in your mouth for up to a minute while it cures. Patients can find it uncomfortable and downright unpleasant. If you’ve been avoiding important dental work because you can’t stand the thought of dental impressions, then you’ll love this new technology.

The iTero Scanner means we no longer have to take impressions for most cases of:

How the iTero Scanner Works

The iTero Scanner takes a digital scan of your teeth that you can view within minutes. We use this digital model to study your bite, to fabricate appliances such as palate expander or a retainer, and to start your Invisalign treatment. We can send your scan to our lab digitally which means faster turnaround on fabricating your cases.

The iTero Scanner allows for:

  • Shorter appointments

  • No messy impressions

  • Faster Lab Fabrication

  • More accurate models of your teeth

Experience the comfort and convenience of our new iTero scanner. Ready to get started? Call us at (650) 341-0424 today or schedule your next appointment online.

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