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  • Robert P. Choi, DDS

A Common & Expensive Mistake You Can Easily Avoid

With the end of the year fast approaching, our schedule is quickly filling up with patients rushing to use their dental insurance benefits that are about to expire. Our savviest patients know that if they wait until the last few months, we may not be able to schedule them in time and they risk losing hundred and even thousands of dollars.

If you have dental insurance or funds left over in a health savings account, we strongly recommend that you schedule your next appointment today. It's a common and expensive mistake we see many of our patients make every year.

Schedule Today Don't wait any longer. Schedule your next appointment by giving us a call at (650) 209-8588 or by clicking here to schedule online.

P.S. If you're unsure if you have any remaining benefits or pending treatment, contact us and we can double-check for you.

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